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Chess Facts (Round 1)

Here are some interesting chess facts that you can share with your friends!

  • It has been estimated, assuming that the average chess match has 40 moves with an average branching factor of 25, that the number of unique chess  games is 10^120. More than 50% greater than the estimated number of electrons in the known universe!
  • Shah Mat, the Persian word for chess, literally translates to “the king has been ambushed.”
  • A chess player by the name of Macleod (a Canadian player) has the record for worst performance in a tournament. Losing 31 games in the New York double-round robin of 1889.
  • A Cleveland, Ohio police squadron embarrassingly raided a chess tournament in 1973 under charges of gambling. They arrested the tournament directory for facilitating an illegal gambling operation. The cash prizes where confiscated as well as the “gambling devices” (read: chess boards).
  • The ‘Rook’ in chess is often misattributed as the source of the term rookie, a first-year professional player. Although not certain, it is believed to be derived from the the word ‘recruit’.
  • The Gupta Empire of India originated the game of chess. It later spread to Persia after the Muslims conquered that territory. The game eventually spread next to Europe and Russia.
  • Russia has the most grandmasters of any other country, totaling 156 GMs. Germany is second with 61 and the United States trails with 60.

Searching for Bobby Fischer

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